C0-President, Editor-in-Chief: Ruth Efe

Ruth Efe is a senior and is a founder and co-president of the Boulder High Times. When she is not trying to survive high school and college apps, she enjoys writing, reading, making music, and playing water polo with her club team (Go Neptunes!) She is a passionate christian who loves learning more about the things we commonly take for granted and the very miracle of existence. Noticing the old school newspaper had died off, Ruth decided to create a new one that would be better than ever for the whole school to connect, stay updated, and be involved in as her legacy for the school. If you see her in the halls, she is probably listening her favorite songs, chord progressions or el radio de “Naciones Unidas” through her headphones. And no, she isn’t upset, she’s just thinking.

Co-President, Editor-in-Chief: Claire Stalhuth

Claire Stalhuth is a current, salty senior who founded the new school paper. She attended the Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop and ever since has been searching for ways to force herself to write. Other than finding increasingly creative methods of procrastination, Claire enjoys playing the cello, working at her family’s flower farm and walking her Uncle’s three legged dog, Bucket. She wants to be writer when she grows up (whatever the hell that means). Character flaws include swearin’ like a sailor and a deep rooted hatred for writing self-aggrandizing statements in the third person.

Alysa Rogers

Alysa Rogers is a currently a senior and science writer for the Boulder High Times, just one of the arguably too many activities in which she participates. She is very interested in the sciences, and if you look in the science wing at any given time during the day there’s a good chance you might find her there. She wants others to find science as interesting and relevant as she does, driving her to write her articles for the Times. Her other interests include Netflix, procrastinating, going to California Pizza Kitchen with her best friend, and sleeping (sometimes a few simultaneously, she’s rather good at multitasking) in between school, homework, and college applications. She also enjoys skiing, hiking, playing guitar, piano, and violin, and running (both literally and from her responsibilities) when she can. She hopes one day to go to medical school and become a surgeon, but she has to survive this year first. Please keep her in your thoughts during this trying time.

P. Iannetta
Jay Benson

Jay Benson is currently a Junior and is a photographer and writer for the BHS Newspaper. Jay grew up in Vienna, Austria, where she first picked up the cello, until she moved to Boulder 5 years ago. In free time she likes play music as well as read and write. She was apart of the Teen Advisory Board for the Boulder Bookstore, which is where she found her passion for reading. Jay plays Cello in Orchestra 3 though she hates all things Classical. Jays biggest achievements in life are procrastination, sleep and record coffee consumption. She enjoys skiing, hiking, hanging out with her dog and playing guitar. Jay is involved with many school activities including Women’s Empowerment Club, German Club, The Crew, and The Conference on World Affairs. Jay hopes to one day become a Lawyer but first strives to survive the next two grueling years of highschool first.

Lillian Ruelle
Leah Endler

Leah Endler is a junior at Boulder High. She has lived here her whole life and loves the classic outdoor Boulder activities. Leah is involved in orchestra at BHS as a cellist, she’s also a Panther Pride leader and in Women’s Empowerment Club. She spends most of her free time watching Parks and Rec on Netflix and doing coloring books. Leah loves writing and is super excited to be a part of the Boulder High Times!

 Rowan Stormo-Flanagan

Rowan is a senior at Boulder High. She is involved in choir and theatre at at Boulder High. She also dances outside of school. She hopes to inform the school about all the fantastic art programs and what they are doing at Boulder High.

Damaris Huffaker

Of all the dorky, introverted people out there, you could do much worse than get a Damaris. Damaris stresses out about classes, makes subpar artwork, and writes really weird essays. Feel free to read Damaris’ articles, but keep in mind that you will be forever changed in ways you can not comprehend. Damaris also comes in 8 unique flavors and colors. Some sets sold separately.

Lillian R

Lillian loves to draw, roller blade, science, animation, music and the outdoors. Lillian is freshman here at BHS and she loves being in the school newspaper BHT! Lillian sounds like a parrot when she has to type like this it is very odd, one thing she does not like is typing in the third person this is just weird but she guesses it’s like the “the right of passage” into the school newspaper. She is very excited for future publications and for this club to gain some more attention!