Saying Goodbye to a Student Favorite: Mrs. Guidry

By Ruth Efe

-How long have you been teaching?

“This is year number 30. Boulder valley schools for 27 years: Boulder high for 20 years, and 7 years at Burbank which is now Manhattan. Yeah I was tortured for 7 years and than I came to Nirvana.”

-What are your retirement plans?

“I got an RV and I will go traveling all over and moving, moving, moving. Hiking, Biking, playing pickleball, playing activities. I just can’t wait to move, move, move, and read and nap.”

-Are there and hobbies you want to start or continue?

“I want to finally learn to play the guitar and I absolutely love history so the new Boulder History Museum. I will spend a lot of time there and learn as much as I can.”

-What’s one of your favorite student moments?

“One of my favorites was one Halloween a kid came in ,and at first I didn’t even recognize him, he had taped newspaper all over him and it was a massive newspaper and I finally found out it was this kid named Gus. And I’m like,’Gus what are you?’ He says, ‘I’m the paperboy!’ And that’s what it was. It was hilarious and so creative.”

-What will you miss most about Boulder High?

“I just think it’s the best school I’ve ever been to where people treat each other with such respect and they appreciate each other’s differences. There’s a lot of schools that are not as kind to each other as the kids here. Also I love that you can have fun but be serious about being a student.[You can be] A student in whatever area.”

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