End of the Year Choir Concert!

By: Lillian Ruelle

The end of the school year is almost here and with that our music department is going out with a bang! Our wonderful school choirs along with Centennial and Casey will be performing their last concert May 10th in the auditorium at 7:00 PM until about 8:15, the admission for students is $3 and $5 for adults. This is a big one! The overall theme is about staying hopeful in dark times and spreading a message of peace and strength. There are over one hundred students in this event. There will be a senior end of the year slideshow showcasing all of the choir memories as a “goodbye Boulder High!” This concert is super important not only for the students but for the choir instructor; Mrs. Batemen. This years New York trip was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, which left them with a lot of songs. This concert will feature some of those songs they were meant to preform! Which goes along with the theme of  keeping our heads high and not giving up! So come show some support for awesome choir students and hear them sing!

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