Restaurant Review, Featuring: Pizzeria Locale, Boulder, CO

By: Miranda Glenn

This month’s restaurant review is featuring Pizzeria Locale, a chic, upscale joint located on Pearl Street. This restaurant is best known for its pizza (obviously: it has the word “pizzeria” in its name), but it also has some amazing appetizers and salads. Or, if you’re feeling Italian, “contorni” and “insalate.”

The first delectable items I shoved in my mouth were the “arancino,” little balls of fried risotto and mozzarella. When you bite into one, the initial crunch gives way to a warm and gooey inside that makes you want to consume an entire plateful. In addition to these tasty treats, I ate some “bruschetta,” delicious, crunchy bread topped with mint, onion jam, Marcona almond, and, the key ingredient, a lemon ricotta. Yes. Cheese that tastes like a lemon. Trust me, it’s amazing. However, the highlight for me for the appetizer round was the “polpettine,” a pork and lamb meatball doused in a pistachio pesto and sprinkled with breadcrumbs and pecorino (some fancy cheese). It was absolutely divine.

The next round of the meal was the salad round. I sampled three different salads and came to the conclusion that I prefer meat and bread more. Oh wait, I already knew that. But don’t get me wrong, for salads, these were pretty darn good. The first plate of greens I ate was the “polpo caldo,” which contained kale, white beans, red onion, garlic, and chili, as well as octopus, believe it or not. I got to check that one off the bucket list of “weird foods I wanna try.” The next one I tried was less exotic: the “cesare.” And let me tell you, a good, old-fashioned Caesar salad is sometimes all you need. This Caesar was especially yummy (probably because it was kinda pricey.) The last salad I sampled was the “cavoletti,” which was also my favorite of the three. This was made up of roasted brussel sprouts drowned in an agrodolce vinaigrette and topped with walnuts. Call me crazy, but, when cooked right, brussel sprouts are da bomb.

Finally, we came to the main meal: a variety of delicious pizzas. The first one I tried was the “marinara,” which was straightforward but tasty. A thin-crust pizza topped with a creamy tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and garlic oil, it left me wanting more. The second pizza I sampled was the “erborista,” which is essentially the vegetarian’s pizza. It’s a thin-crust pizza topped with a tomato sauce, seasonal herbs, basil and patches of fresh parmesan cheese melted right onto the sauce. The last pizza I ate (more like crammed down my gullet) was the “diavola,” a thin-crust pizza topped with a tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella, basil, chili, and this stuff called “salame piccante,” which is basically bacon. It has this amazing smoky flavor that blends perfectly with the cheese and sauce.

This restaurant is a bit expensive, but definitely worth the cost. The savory appetizers, fresh salads and flavorful pizzas, combined with the fast and friendly service, all contribute to a wonderful dining experience.

Thanks for reading, and make sure to stay tuned for next month’s restaurant review!

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