Great New Start-Up Company Is Looking for High School Students!

By: Ruth Efe

On March the 3rd, I attended the annual Rocky Mountain Steam (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) Fest hosted at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. The fest lasted for for two days–March the 3rd and March the 4th. Many different organizations came and set up their own stations to engage kids in all forms of STEAM activities encouraging experimentation, curiosity, and invention.

I was there to volunteer for an organization called “ Ignite Learning” (  at their “Toy Hacks” station. The station comprised of old toy parts where kids of all ages were encouraged to come by and make their very own new toy out of anything they could find in the binds or on the tables. It was fun to watch their minds spin, piecing together what was originally thought as trash into something new.

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As I was helping to keep the space tidy and aiding the children with the more dangerous tools, I started talking to the owner of station, Allison Akhnoukh. She started to tell me all about her programs that she was working on for her new start-up company, Ignite Learning, especially her newest one: a learning journey coaching program. It would be to get high school students on the right path for them on the journey onto college or their next step. Naturally, I was ecstatic about the idea. Going into the college admission process, I knew very little and was suddenly shocked senior with all the work that had to be done. Allison’s Learning Journey Coaching program would help students and parents navigate future goals of students, if that means the college admission process, or a different path all together. Allison informed me that this project was relatively new, and she wanted to start building it up with a focus group for any high school students and a part-time summer internship for mostly juniors (rising seniors) interested in this program.


For anyone, especially rising seniors, who are looking for a great internship with a start-up company this summer to boost their resumes for colleges or for just a great hands-on and real-world business experience! 

As for the focus group, the date and time for it is to be determined, however, all students can take Allison’s short survey. By taking this quick and easy survey, you will immediately receive a $5 Starbucks gift card* and be entered for a chance to win a $150 Target gift card!

The opportunities for us as youth today are vast; take advantage of them; invest in your future today.

Email Allison Akhnoukh for more information:



*This digital gift card requires the Starbucks App to be able to use it.

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