Choirs of America Nationals: Carnegie Hall Has Been Canceled!!!

By: Lillian Ruelle

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The New York trip for our school choirs was canceled due to poor weather conditions! If you are not familiar with and/or have not heard about this, all of our choirs here at Boulder High, (Aria, Concert, and High Altitude) were supposed to fly to New York City on the 21st of March for a huge choir event. There was so much we had planned and so many different adventures to be had! This was an international choir event with other choir students from multiple high schools in the U.S, even Canada! We were all meant to perform at Carnegie Hall on Friday the 23rd at 8 o’clock as a HUGE mass choir. Boulder High Choir was going to perform solo, as well as with other choirs. The trip was only going to last for four days, and in those four days we were going to go to Ellis Island, The Empire State Building, Broadway, Times Square, the 9/11 Memorial, and so much more! We had tons of after-school rehearsals and meetings to prepare for this boss of a trip, only to have it canceled due to a massive snow storm that swept through New York, leaving it with 18 inches of snow, not ideal for walking anywhere. Or for life in general. But hey! Just because we weren’t able to go doesn’t mean we won’t come back for another adventure or for more awesome performances! Special thank you to Mrs. Bateman (our awesome choir teacher) for keeping our heads high in this super downer of a time and keeping her cool with all of our shenanigans!  

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