Find out what’s going in in every continent of the world!

North America:

All-girls robotics team, named “LEGO Superheroes,” in Spokane, Washington, USA, heading to First Lego League North American International Open competition. Team represents St. Mary’s Catholic School in robotics.

South America:

3 unidentified objects described as “fireballs” made landfall in Peru. Peruvian Air Force claims the objects may be “fuel tanks from a satellite.” Exact cause leaves experts stumped.


Members of the European Union may no longer recognize UK driving licences in response to Brexit, possible failure to secure transportation deal.


China set to remove presidential term limits, allowing current president, Xi Jinping, to run for third term.


In early January, Sudan leased the island of Suakin to Turkey for investment projects. This move kindled Egypt’s fears of a Neo-Ottoman Turkey taking away control of the Red Sea (in terms of trade) from Egypt, and having a presence in the Gulf region.

Oceania/Pacific Islands: 

Restaurant chain, Carl’s Jr, set to open in Victoria, Australia, some time in 2018.  

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