Restaurant Review, Featuring: Torchy’s Tacos, Denver

By Miranda Glenn

On Saturday, 2/17, my family and I spent the morning in Denver. We visited the Denver Art Museum (which is a sweet spot, by the way) before going out for lunch at Torchy’s Tacos, a dive on the corner of 12th Avenue, a couple blocks from the museum. This joint, as may be obvious considering the name, sells tacos. Delicious tacos.


By the time we arrived at the restaurant, it was around noon, and the interior was already packed and noisy. We went up and ordered our tacos, then headed over with plastic cups to the soda machine of all soda machines, full of a wide variety of lesser known drinks: Mexicane Cola,  some drink I can’t remember the name of now that tasted like a better and less cancer-inducing version of Dr. Pepper, and many more.

Our meals got to us speedily, and my mouth was watering before I even picked up my fork to dive into my Mexican-style rice. Regarding the taco selection, I ordered a chicken fajita taco, which was a little dry but still enjoyable, and the avocado taco, which, for the record, is the best taco I have ever had. You hear fried avocado and you think, ew. But it was actually so good. Huge chunks of fried avocado (no skimping here), covered in lettuce and cheese and all that good stuff, resting on a bed of refried beans and wrapped in a fragrant corn tortilla. 10/10, would highly recommend.

However, the star of the show was the sweet corn, styled after the Mexican street food, that my dad ordered. It was absolutely divine. Sweet corn mixed in a bowl with cheese and some powdery red spice that made the whole thing pop. If I ever come back (which I plan to do so), I am so ordering a bowl for myself.

I would give Torchy’s Tacos a 4.5-star rating, cause their food is pretty darn good!

So, next time you’re in Denver and looking for someplace to eat some rad tacos and have a rockin’ time, stop by the double T’s.