Orchestra’s Concert with the Philharmonic!

 “On Friday, February 23rd, Orchestras 3 and 4 from Boulder High collaborated with the Horizons HS orchestra, as well as members of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra to play a few pieces in a concert in Thornton, directed by CU orchestra maestro, Gary Lewis.

   We rehearsed nearly all afternoon and evening, putting the last bits and pieces together to make the songs sound wonderful. And it worked out perfectly. Some tactics Mr. Lewis used were certainly unexpected, and his conducting style was different than that of Dr. Mason, but regardless, what Mr. Lewis did helped us a lot in fine-tuning everything. He treated us professionally, as if we were his usual college students. I myself don’t usually care how I’m treated so long as it’s nicely, but I’m sure his professional attitude contributed to our success in some way or another.

   The songs we played were: Signs of Life II by Russell Peck, Andante Festivo by Jean Sibelius (my personal favorite), Sinfonia IX in C by Felix Mendelssohn, and Libertango by Astor Piazzolla. Overall, I’d say it was a very fun experience, especially when dinner was provided to us of course (thank you, Boulder Phil, by the way.)

   We had a great time, but there is little time to relax. I assume starting Tuesday, Doc Mason will have us working towards Contest, so we can look forward to that. Hope to see anyone there that can or is supposed to come.” – Cody Morris, Orchestra 3, cellist

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