It’s Not Too Late: Student Take on School Safety

By Akasha Brahmbhatt

If the people in office had the chance to wind back the clock and learn that school shootings were going to happen as often as they do, do you think the they would have done anything about it? If not, what can we do to change the future? Going to school is supposed to be a great and safe environment to learn, laugh and become the next Bill Gates or Oprah. To create things that could change the world or write stories to impact the lives of millions. School shootings have gone on for too long now and something needs to change. But what are the opinions of the students who go to high school every day and have their whole lives ahead of them?

I sat down with a fellow student, Ella Riccio, and asked for her true and raw opinion about what had been happening in these schools. She says that she’s “really mad that people have let it gone so far and that we’ve been taught that this could happen and we should be prepared”. She believes that the best thing to do right now is for teenagers across the country to take action. “The adults in this situation are not doing anything to make a change so we must. “If I don’t feel safe going to a place where I learn, that has ID passes and security cameras, it has gone too far.”

We can’t change the past, but we can prevent future tragedies. Students can help by writing letters to their state representatives and send their ideas to the people who make the laws. Students can also participate in the school walk out that is happening on March 14 2018 and the “March for Out Lives” march in Denver March 24th. If we stand up for what we believe in, something can happen, and we can stop the next school shooting.

Register for the Denver march here



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