Basketball, More Than A Game

By Akasha Brahmbhatt

From the perspective of someone who doesn’t know much about basketball or really any sports in general, I can say that the varsity girls basketball game against Rocky Mountain High School was a very captivating game. Unfortunately, Boulder lost 29-46, however with the high spirit of every girl on the team, it was filled with positive energy.

I had always thought that basketball was just a group of people on a court passing the ball back to one another and trying to make a basket. What I didn’t know was that so much goes into it. I interviewed three players, Skye, Kelly and Grace, two of whom are juniors and one is a senior, and they had a lot to say about their favorite game. They have all been playing since there first year at BHS.

They said that it’s different than other sports. No matter what other sports they have played throughout the years, they have always come back to basketball. Why? Because this sport demands so much and the team is very involved. You need to be able to tell who passed the ball and who’s going to shoot to be able for the team to work. That is one of the most important parts to the game. Unlike other sports, they told me how you have to play every position. They say that in Basketball “Everyone is more supportive and you have to be able to lean on each other”. After talking to them from the small amount of time, I really noticed how they were all looking out for each other, and as a team to teammates connection is almost as important as playing the actual game. They don’t play because they needed to join something, or were forced into it, they play because it means something to them and it’s what they love to do.

Two weeks ago, I never imagined myself ever understanding why people like basketball or how its played. Now, after going to one game and talking to players who are passionate about the game, I definitely understand the appeal to the game. After talking to the team members and learning more about the sport, I definitely think that  Girls Varsity Basketball should get the support they deserve.

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