Payday for BHS FBLA at Stock Market Challenge

By Erik Larsson

Earlier this month, Boulder High’s very own chapter of FBLA headed on down to the University of Denver to compete in the annual Stock Market Challenge. The Stock Market Challenge is a competitive event that deals with real-time trading of fictitious stocks. The stock broking is made to be an accurate simulation of what these aspiring Future Business Leaders could find on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. 60 days of trading are condensed into 80 minutes, and frenzied student traders must react to the volatile ups and downs of the markets. “Hot tips” are even given out that update competitors on current events and company handlings that could have implications for the market, just like the real world. Over 80 teams of up to 8 students participate in the challenge, attempting to grown their mock portfolios, and the team that accrues the largest percent return over the simulated 2 months of trading is victorious.

On November 3rd, over 60 Boulder High students partook. “Boulder High has placed a team 1st for the last 5 years in a row, which it makes the event very exciting,” says junior Sydney Kaufman, a FBLA member who attended the occasion. Kaufman added that it was “a valuable experience because it showed us what a real stock market looks like but we didn’t lose any real money.” Other members also remark that the Future Business Leaders of America is a wonderful extracurricular opportunity to practice real world skills and establish an understanding of the Business World. And while the real Stock Market fluctuations have serious real world ramifications, Junior Achievement’s Stock Market Challenge still fosters an atmosphere of learning and fun, despite its competitiveness. This year, Boulder High FBLA continued in its history of Stock Market success and placed teams 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th. BHS is home to one of the state’s largest FBLA chapters, and its legacy continues as one of student business excellence. Boulder High’s largest club will continue its season promptly, with the FBLA District Competitions on the horizon.

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