November 30th Choir Concert!

Choir’s “Sing for Peace” Performance

As the holiday season approaches, the BHS Choir put on a spectacular winter concert to begin this wonderful season. It featured the Boulder High School, Centennial Middle School, and Casey Middle School Choirs. Every song was unique in its style, performance choice, and sound, yet every on had the same theme of peace and coming together.

Boulder High School Choir includes several groups. The Concert Choir is a mixed group for all ages, abilities and disabilities, in our school. Everyone is included! Aria is an all young women’s auditioned choir with amazing talent and incredible voices. And last but definitely not least, High Altitude is an auditioned mixed choir for young men and women with tremendous talent as well.

The overall concert was truly beautiful and magical with all these choirs coming together, along with the many amazing soloists as they all sang for peace. Along with the theme of peace, people paid to see the performance, with the funds going to help these art programs, and keep them going! This concert wouldn’t have come together if it wasn’t for the amazing donors, singers, and our amazing choir director Mrs. Bateman!

This concert was super fun for the performers and the audience. It was truly a concert to remember and a great way to kick off an amazing holiday season!