December Poetry

By Pema   Daily Cataclysm my butterflies tried to fly away today which was a shame for struggling only made the pins tug harder   It’s the Little Things When little girls and little boys come up to my flower booth and I offer them a single, manageable stem, in … Continue Reading December Poetry

Hey BHS Clubs…

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Ask Andre

Dear Andre, I’m new to Boulder High, and coming up is my first round of finals. I’ve never had finals before. My grades aren’t great to begin with, so I’m really hoping to do well. Several teachers have told me not to worry about it, but I can’t help feeling that … Continue Reading Ask Andre

Snowy Ashes

A Short Story by Pema I was wearing my black knee length leggings from Target, the ones with white polka dots and lace on the bottoms. I got them when I went shopping for an outfit to wear to a play, paired them with a pink zebra print dress which … Continue Reading Snowy Ashes