Modern Queen

A Poem by Fulcrum

To go through all the hassle

Of saving a princess from a castle

Seems quite pointless to me

When the princess can just as well set herself free

There’s no point trying to do the dare

If she isn’t willing to let down her hair

And don’t try to scale the wall,

Simply because she ignored your call

If this kind of princess were to appear more,

In fairy tales and old time lore

Instead of the ones who swoon and sway,

Waiting for their prince to save the day

Then maybe little girls would learn

That they have the power to make the world burn

It’s taken so long for me to convince

Myself that I don’t need a prince

But thanks to all the books I read

I’ve been brought up to speed

That I am more than just a helpless teen,

I am my own modern queen


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