Inside Look at the Haunted House

By Leah Endler and Laura Osborne

The Boulder High Haunted House is a celebration of the creativity and artistic talents of around 60 students. It draws upwards of 1,000 visitors each year ranging from Boulder High students to community members. Construction of the haunted house began when the school year started, however the meticulous planning began last spring. I met with co-directors Peyton Hill and Daisy Ellis to learn more about the hard work and dedication that went into this project.

In 2006 a Boulder High student managed the first haunted house and left quite the legacy. As Daisy stated- it’s hard to live up to the high reputation of previous years, but it’s a great opportunity to try new things artistically and impress your peers and family. This year is the first time there’s been a cohesive theme throughout the entire haunted house. One of the  most favorited aspects of the haunted house was the big top circus tent, while it took lots of planning, seeing it come together was very rewarding to the directors and cast.

The co-directors, Peyton and Daisy, have both been involved in BHS theater for 4 years and have been part of the haunted house in the past. As Peyton said being involved in this is a great way to “leave our mark on the school” and it’s inspiring to see everything come together. From freshman to senior year seeing how the haunted house has evolved has been great and they are very proud of all the hard work.

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