November Book Reviews

By Aidan Reed The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway In my opinion, this should be required reading. Hemingway does a fantastic job of describing the spiritual journey of an old man without over-bearing the reader. Symbolism is used throughout the book as nothing is explicitly stated. Hemingway displays … Continue Reading November Book Reviews

Polite People Talk

A Short Story by: Blue Jeans “Macy! How nice it is to see you again!” She greeted Macy with so much outwardly affection; it diluted her inner bitterness for her so-called friend. “Elle! It has been awhile.” Trying to be polite, Elle allowed the woman to sit next to her … Continue Reading Polite People Talk

Modern Queen

A Poem by Fulcrum To go through all the hassle Of saving a princess from a castle Seems quite pointless to me When the princess can just as well set herself free There’s no point trying to do the dare If she isn’t willing to let down her hair And … Continue Reading Modern Queen